Cook and Pendergast

Bringing a fresh design perspective to life in a vibrant community.

Cook and Pendergast

This project is set within the heart of the bustling community of Cook Street Village and will bring much to the vibrant neighbourhood through its live-forward design features.


Multi-Family Home


Concept completed


Aragon Properties Ltd.


Victoria, Canada


4-storeys, 49-unit, 6,300 sqm


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All residences feature private outdoor deck living space with ground floor units having patios or fenced garden plots.

Units will feature expansive folding glass walls, that will visually expand the space of the living rooms out to include the balconies when open.

Residential suites will be outfitted with “Energy Star” -rated appliance and window packages.

LED lighting will be favoured throughout the building.

Natural and recyclable building materials will be used as much as possible, and soured within 800km of the site. 

The project is a ‘bike-friendly’ development with a heated, secure bike room located at grade on the main floor and which includes a bike repair station and 2 electric bike charging stations.

The project detailing will include Passive House Design Practices such as solar control, reduced thermal bridging, increased insulation, and Heat Recovery Ventilation.

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Along Pendergast Street, three ground floor units have individual garden gates, patios, and main entrances. The building lobby features an extended canopy and all-glass front wall to identify the primary building entrance. A large panelled perforated metal screen with a custom art motif is further enhancing the lobby space while providing clear definition for the building. 

​​It is intended that the screen imagery will be developed in partnership with a local First Nations artist to culturally enhance the public space and building fabric, while also creating an attractive experience inside the building. Sunlight will cast a dappling effect of changing shadows on the lobby windows and then reverse the effect at night, with light from the building’s interior animating the screen.

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Layers of perforated metal privacy screens create a rhythm of vertical elements at the balconies and extend the architectural effect of the large screen over the lobby entrance. It is proposed that all privacy screens will be developed in collaboration with the same artist. It is hoped that this will create a contemporary connection between the current Village urban fabric and the ancient context and history of the site.

Materially, the design expresses a warm, natural, and elegant composition, using an exterior palette of high quality, durable and traditional finishes including wood, stone, stacked brick, pre-finished cementitious cladding and aluminium screen elements together with clear glass windows, and natural wood-texture soffits and siding.

The brick is used at the east end and contrasted against the wood-tone finishes at the west to further reinforce the expression of two volumes and two uses on the site.

The projects landscape design includes continuous planter walls with trees growing to a scale appropriate to create visual interest at the public sidewalk without overwhelming the patio spaces.

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The Team

Client Aragon Properties Ltd.

Architect Cascadia Architects Inc.

Electrical Engineer Smith & Andersen

Contractor Aragon Properties Ltd.

Civil Engineer J.E. Anderson & Associates

Structural Engineer Fast & Epp

Mechanical Engineer Integral Group

collaborating artistChris Paul

Landscape Architect Murdoch De Greef Inc.

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