Tall Tree Physiotherapy and Integrated Care Clinic Mattick’s

A space designed for healing. Every step in our decision making process considered the impact it would have on the architecture, environment, and health and wellbeing of the user.

Tall Tree Physiotherapy and Integrated Care Clinic Mattick’s

Creating a unique space for healing.

The team at Tall Trees Integrated Health Centre needed a building that would support the holistic health of their patients, and foster learning, innovation, and expertise in healthcare. The brief to us was clear: to create a space for healing within this unique forested site.




Completed 2015


Tall Tree Integrated Health


Saanich Peninsula, BC


463 sqm


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Integration of landscape and building to enhance the human experience.

Respect the ecological systems upon which we depend.

Use of natural local materials like stone and wood.

Integration of mass timber throughout.

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This project celebrates simplicity in form and structure, focusing on forming a relationship between the architecture and the natural world in order to support therapeutic treatment. It is designed to reflect the natural world, create a sense of calm and focus, and promote regeneration. Bringing the environment into the space, both visually and physically, was a clear direction at the outset of our design process.

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The curvilinear form of the floorplan responds to the existing canopy of the surrounding mature trees and ecosystem, while expansive, full-height glazing wraps around the curved interior spaces, creating organic forms that immerse the occupants into the forest.

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Nature helps guide the design process.

The wood and stone palette responds directly to the environment and roots the project into its location. Local stone found at a nearby site was recycled and used, alongside smooth or rough sawn fir, and supportive steel elements to ensure safety in this active seismic zone.

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The extensive use of wood—as both a structural and finishing element is present throughout the building—and is a central feature of the design. Large mass timber panels were created through the gluing of layers of wood together to create an incredibly strong material to build the overall structure of the building. These panels capture carbon for the lifecycle of the building, promoting the physical and mental health of occupants as a result.

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The Team

Client Tall Tree Integrated Health

Architect Cascadia Architects Inc.

Electrical Engineer AES Engineers

Contractor Pentech Construction

Civil Engineer Herold Engineering

Structural Engineer Herold Engineering

Interior Design Cascadia Architects

Mechanical Engineer WSP Engineers

Landscape Architect Murdoch DeGreeff

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