Bringing a fresh and distinctive design solution to a thriving physiotherapy practice.


Centrally located on an upgraded and highly visible transit corridor, this extensive renovation and addition to a 1950 bank building was designed to provide a new location for an active and successful integrated health practice. With a modest budget and restrictive schedule, Cascadia Architects led an integrated design and construction team to develop a simple, elegant solution highly reliant on strong massing and delicate facade treatment.




Completed 2017


Future Fit Holdings Ltd.


Victoria, Canada


659 sqm (7,095 sq.ft)


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Extensive solar shading elements employed in the design to maximize daylighting and connection to the street, while minimizing solar gains and glare.

Placemaking and brand reinforcement in the public realm, while providing a meaningful and engaged architectural expression.

Careful programming to provide active rehabilitation facilities directly adjacent to quiet physiotherapy treatment zones.

Utilized striking massing and dramatic cladding treatments to achieve an elegant architectural expression on a modest budget.

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A landmark presence to serve the community.

Taking advantage of the highly visible corner location, the unique massing and eye-catching facade was designed to provide a landmark home for the Backfit flagship location.

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Designed to put energy awareness and conservation to work.

This project features extensively detailed solar shading elements to the south, allowing for maximum exposure to natural day lighting—while limiting solar heat gains and cooling energy use. The project was designed to exceed ASHRAE 90.1 requirements and to meet Energuide 83.

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The Team

Client Future Fit Holdings Ltd.

Architect Cascadia Architects Inc.

Interior Design Cascadia Architects Inc.

Structural Engineer Read Jones Christoffersen

Electrical Engineer AES Engineering

Civil Engineer Hoel Engineering

Mechanical Engineer Williams Engineering

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