Tall Tree Physiotherapy and Integrated Care Clinic Capital Park

Designing a west coast-inspired holistic health clinic.

Tall Tree Physiotherapy and Integrated Care Clinic Capital Park

Creating a space to heal, grown and thrive.

Tall Tree Capital Park is a physiotherapy and treatment centre made up of 12 treatment rooms, alongside areas for weight training and Pilates equipment. The design responds to the clinic’s approach to healthcare as an ecosystem, creating a space that helps people grow and thrive.




Completed 2018


Tall Tree Integrated Health


Victoria, Canada




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Acoustic felt cloud ceiling throughout.

Expansive, energy efficient windows to elevate the sense of space.

Extensive use of natural wood panelling and accents.

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The inspiration to create this tranquil and replenishing space centrally located downtown, came from the concept of ‘crown shyness’ common to high forest canopies, in which tree crowns naturally adjust to neighbouring plants in order to maximize exposure to daylight.

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The treatment rooms are richly adorned in natural fir, with careful attention given to acoustics, placement of lighting and mechanical systems to create a space of comfort for staff and clients alike.

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The interplay between built space and environmental context filters through every design decision in this project to provide a tranquil and therapeutic space, insulated to heal—away from the frenetic activities of the everyday.
Peter Johannknecht

This project is an urban sister location to the highly successful Tall Tree clinic located at Mattick’s Market, also designed by our Cascadia team.

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The Team

Client Tall Tree Integrated Health

Architect Cascadia Architects Inc.

Electrical Engineer AES Engineering Ltd

Contractor Jawl Properties

Interior Design Cascadia Architects Inc.

Mechanical Engineer Integral Group

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