1030 Fort Street

Designing a high quality residential and commercial space to serve a growing downtown community.

1030 Fort Street

Designs for this six storey mixed-use development located on Fort Street includes a commercial ground floor, as well as rental units. It will provide a high quality, contextually sensitive building to the busy Fort Street corridor, and features a unique material palette, including scalloped metal panels and glazed terra cotta tiles.


Multi-Family Home


Concept completed


Jawl Properties Ltd.


Victoria, Canada


six storeys, 2,460 sqm


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Use of a minimal palette of high quality cladding materials are proposed for use, as they will weather gracefully and provide a visually balanced composition at residential levels.

Creative floorplan layouts have been utilized to incorporate a den/home office into all one-bedroom units, with access to natural light wherever possible, providing adaptability and flexibility for residents. 

The proposal offers enhanced residential bicycle parking featuring 48 long-term secure stalls, as well as a bicycle repair station, electric bicycle charging capacity and oversized cargo bike stalls.

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Letting a simplified design speak volumes.

The architectural concept for this proposal is simple and understated, using a minimal palette of high quality cladding materials that will weather gracefully, organized in a vertically oriented grid producing a visually balanced composition at the residential levels, while an open, highly glazed and recessed ground level with a concrete material expression creates a modern and dynamic contribution to the animated and vibrant street front retail character typical of upper Fort Street. 

The Proposal’s design in relation to the street will activate and support a dynamic and vibrant public realm and is in alignment with the building to street interface principles as outlined for Multi-Unit Residential. 

Primary entrances along the building frontage are clearly visible from the street and located well within 15 metres of one another. Ample glazing and generous floor to ceiling heights enhance the visual presence of ground floor uses along the street, and swathes of blank wall have been minimized. Substantial efforts to locate non-active uses away from the street frontage have been undertaken, including the positioning of bike storage and building utility spaces at the rear of the building, and there are no curb cuts or parkade entrances disrupting the rhythm, proportion, and pedestrian flow along the street frontage.

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Creating space for a growing downtown community.

The ground level building face steps back from the property line, allowing for the introduction of a south-facing weather-protected commercial patio area, that provides spill-out activity space and visual and physical connection between the public street use and the building interior uses. 

This Project is exceptionally well situated in a highly walkable and bike-able location that is also directly serviced by public transportation. 

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The Team

Client Jawl Properties Ltd.

Architect Cascadia Architects Inc.

Electrical Engineer AES Engineering

Civil Engineer WSP Engineering

Structural Engineer RJC Engineers

Mechanical Engineer AME Group

Landscape Architect Murdoch de Greeff

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