The Redfern

Creating a vibrant, multi-unit residential and commercial building within an established, close-knit community.

The Redfern

Situated in Victoria’s Oak Bay Village, and part of the South Jubilee community, this project has been carefully planned to bring modern design sensibility to an established neighbourhood—without overwhelming the charm and character of the area. 


Multi-Family Home


Under construction


Jawl Residential Ltd.


Victoria, Canada


four-storeys, 1865 sqm


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Building lobby features a wood-clad ‘portal’ with extensive glazing to clearly identify the primary building entrance.

Four retail spaces are featured at ground-level, including a café (with patio) to add to the community. 

Cementitious panel cladding, clear glazing, painted steel and wood are the primary materials meant to weather gracefully. 

Building features art panels, wood tone on shade screens and on soffits to create a visually tactile warmth. 

Underground parking will provide 47 stalls for 35 homes to alleviate parking congestion. 

Electric vehicle and bicycle charging stations on site, as well as bike work bench and storage.

Natural and recyclable building materials, and where possible materials will be sourced within 800km of the site.

Building features energy efficient fixtures, appliances and windows throughout. 

Natural daylight is optimized through interior design efforts.

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Contributing to a community rich in history.

This building's design concept is based on several imperatives—to contribute in a positive way to the surrounding urban experience for pedestrians along Oak Bay Avenue, while being sensitive to the smaller scale single family residential area that surrounds it. 

The design will also contribute to the quality of the public realm to encourage social interaction through the inclusion of four ground-level retail units and a café patio space. 

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The project features a muted palette of high quality materials that are intended to endure over time whilst not distracting from the neighbourhood. Use of simple materials and textures allows for a discernible rhythm to emerge in the elevations, allowing the building to reference the historic fabric of the city while contributing to the future. Cementitious panel cladding,  clear glazing, painted steel and wood are the primary materials being used.

Raised planters along the north and south edges of the building will provide fuller vegetation and enhanced privacy to provide a visual buffer between neighbours. Art panels along the western property line are intended to provide visual interest.  To compliment this, wood tone on the shade screens and on soffits create visual and tactile warmth for residents. 

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The Team

Client Jawl Residential 

Architect Cascadia Architects Inc.

Electrical Engineer AES

Contractor Campbell Construction Ltd.

Civil Engineer JEA

Structural Engineer RJC

Interior Design Jenny Martin Design

Mechanical Engineer AME

Mechanical Engineer AME


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