Tall Tree Mental Health Clinic at Mattick's

Creating a soothing space for client treatment that integrates thoughtful elements of design and functionality.

Tall Tree Mental Health Clinic at Mattick's

The team at Tall Tree Physiotherapy and Integrated Care approached us to design additional office and treatment space for a new mental health clinic. This work required designs that supported their holistic approach to providing care to their patients through the creation of a tranquil, soothing and calming environment.




Completed 2022


Tall Trees Physiotherapy and Integrated Care


Saanich Peninsula, BC


1,800 sq ft


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Integration of existing wood structure of building to maintain warmth and cohesive design throughout.

Addition of acoustic panels separating treatment areas and offices.

Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows provide ample natural light.

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Reinventing a new space for mental health care.

Working with our long-time client, Tall Tree Physiotherapy and Integrated Care, we were asked to spearhead design for thing project involved the renovation of an existing space, converting it from physiotherapy clinic into a mental health services office.

The 1,800 square foot space utilizes the existing wood structure and expansive windows to offer enhanced access to natural light, as well as views of the surrounding forested area.

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The client requested creation of a space that would invoke a sense of calm, warmth and comfort for clients: making them feel surrounded by the comforts of home rather than at a clinical counselling office.

Design work included use of acoustic partition placement to separate the counselling areas from offices, common administration and waiting spaces. The resulting layout successfully manages to optimize the overall inherited footprint while conserving a sense of privacy and peace throughout.

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The Team

Client Tall Tree Physiotherapy and Integrated Care

Architect Cascadia Architects Inc.

Contractor Jawl Residential

Mechanical Engineer M3

Interior Design Monica Johnston Stewart

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