888 Attree Avenue

Creating an office space that provides a supportive, inspiring and enjoyable working environment.

888 Attree Avenue

888 Attree is a purpose-built office we designed for Vancouver Island-based Proline Property Management.

Our work focused on finding ways to exemplify the company’s commitment to providing staff with an inspiring and enjoyable environment, one in which employee well-being is considered essential to their ability to work effectively.




Completed 2021


Proline Management Ltd.


Langford, Canada


15,000sqm over 2 storeys


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Expansive windows allow high levels of daylight throughout the space, yet are oriented or screened to avoid heat gain or glare.

Interconnecting stairs create a sense of accessibility and community between different departments.

Exposed heavy timber framing and wood ceilings and paneling create a calm, natural setting to facilitate easy workflow.

Parametrically designed passive solar control (shading) screens open up more in less occupied areas while providing additional shading to active office spaces, as needed.

Building envelope designed with a continuous air-tight weather barrier and exterior insulation assembly that eliminates most thermal bridges and heat loss.

A rooftop patio area provides access to the outdoors with expansive views of surrounding green space that is not accessible within walking distance.

Bicycle room features end-of-trip facilities to promote bike use, as well as guest lounge for tenants and building owners adds valuable resources in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

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Upon arrival employees and guests are received in an expansive sky lit atrium space that is not only gracious but also cleverly organizes the building floor areas such that it can be tenanted in any combination of one to four separate suites without modification of building services.

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The building features expansive windows that allow high levels of daylight, but are oriented or screened to avoid heat gain or glare.

In combination with dimmable indirect lighting, and a VRF HVAC system constantly supplying filtered fresh air, this creates an environment that reduces employee fatigue and promotes physical well-being. Exposed heavy timber framing and wood ceilings and paneling help to create a natural setting that is calm and facilitates easy workflow.

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Creating a sense of connection and continuity.

Two sky lit and elegant interconnecting stairs help to create a sense of accessibility and community between different departments while facilitating a sense of easy movement for employees between departmental areas and a roof top deck provides an escape to the outdoors in an area without easy access to green space or amenities.

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Our work focused on creating a high-quality workplace for up to 100 employees within a cost-effective structure.

The exposed glu-lam timber post that balance between appearance, flexibility of floor-plate use, and simplicity of construction systems. The wood louver system at the south curtain wall provides occupant comfort from solar infiltration and allowed for significant reduction in the size and cost of the VRF heating & cooling system.

In order to create a sense of fluidity while providing opportunities for connection, interior partitions were designed to be modular and movable.

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The Team

Client Proline Management Ltd.

Architect Cascadia Architects Inc.

Contractor Verity Construction

Structural Engineer RJC Engineers

Interior Design Cascadia Architects Inc.

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