Bowker Collection

Designing a “landmark” development featuring residential units and commercial spaces, anchored within the picturesque Bowker Creek community.

Bowker Collection

This mixed-use development consists of 43 condominiums and over 5 commercial suites situated along Cadboro Bay Road. The building is designed in two parts, addressing the two streets and framing an interior, west-facing landscaped courtyard.


Multi-Family Home


Completed 2020


Abstract Developments


Victoria, Canada


43 residential units, 5 commercial units, with 7,292 sqm (78,462 sqf)


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Generously landscaped common courtyard area.

Large glazed ‘dormer’ for all penthouse suites.

Creation of large outdoor spaces, decks and balconies.

Triple pane windows for all suites.

Generous windows to maximise natural lighting.

Rain Gardens to manage stormwater on site.

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One of the focal points of the property design is its “landmark” expression at the corner of Bowker and Cadboro Bay, centred around a generous raised and landscaped terrace with an intended restaurant and cafe use.

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Creating Connection

Expansive curved glazed walls and generous ceiling height visually connect with the terrace creating an indoor / outdoor gathering space with morning and evening light, sheltered under a dramatic cantilevered soffit.

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Above the patio area, a large glazed “dormer” at the fourth floor will act as a beacon, signifying the location as a focal point in the fabric of the neighbourhood, and giving a unique architectural identity to the site.

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The Team

Client Abstract Development

Contractor Abstract Construction

Architect Cascadia Architects Inc.

Structural Engineer RJC Engineers

Electrical Engineer AES Eng

Mechanical Engineer Avalon Mechanical Consultants

Civil Engineer CALID Services

Interior Design Nygaard Interior Design

Landscape Architect Murdoch DeGreeff

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