Vinayak K Gowda


Professional Registrations


  • Bachelor of Architecture from Acharya’s NRV School of Architecture
  • Master of Architecture UBC SALA


Vinayak Gowda, a designer, embarked on his architectural journey at the University of British Columbia, Canada, where he earned his Master's in 2022 after a Bachelor's from Acharya Institute, India. Vinayak's rich experiences include nurturing organic growth at Salt Spring Center, crafting landscapes at Zoras LUD, and refining design prowess at Studio Mumbai Architects. His academic explorations delve into Examining Object Oriented Ontology (OOO) and the way objects in the built environment interact and relate to one another.

What other specific interests within the field of architecture do you have?

My additional architectural interests encompass sustainable design and energy efficiency, along with urban design. Rooted in my upbringing

within a household combining culinary and engineering influences, I'm drawn to seamlessly integrating creativity and precision into architectural

endeavors, often merging small-scale intricacies with larger design concepts.

Is there an architecturally significant city you would like to visit, and why?

I am drawn to Varanasi and Hampi due to their profound architectural and cultural significance. The intertwining of ceremonies with the built

environment, juxtaposing a vibrant living city and the evocative historical aura, captivates my architectural curiosity and calls for revisiting these

distinctive settings.

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