Anniek Wheeler

Intern Architect

Professional Registrations

Certified Passive House Consultant/Designer


  • M.Arch, Certified Passive House Consultant/Designer, Carleton University (2022)
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Carleton University


Anniek completed her architectural education at Carleton University with a focus on urban spaces, building community and sustainability, culminating in her thesis work exploring elder care systems in cohousing communities.

In her professional work, she has covered on a range of projects from deep energy retrofits to remote cabins to school dormitories. In 2023, she became a Certified Passive House Designer. Through her experience building a handful of projects, she has a lasting interest in how things come together.

Her design work centres around a love of natural materials, mid-century west coast design and a desire to reinstate ‘grooving areas’ wherever possible.

After work, you can find Anniek taking photos of mushrooms on the trail, cycling around town or digging out new garden beds.

Please tell us about any Volunteer Organizations you are a part of, or Roles you occupy.

All Toronto-based so will have to find Victoria equivalents! "Not Far From the Tree" (community fruit picking). "Toronto Mycological Society" (fungi foraging/lectures). Ontario Place for All (activism group for a public park site in Toronto).

What other specific interests within the field of architecture do you have?

Sustainable urban design, especially around active transit and densification. Community-driven design, especially cohousing/co-living.

Are there specific books for schools of thought in architecture that inspire you?

Big fan of West Coast Mid-Century Modern!

Is there an architecturally significant city you would like to visit, and why?

Revisit Tokyo for the amazing craftmanship, use of natural materials, and indoor-outdoor spaces (which are completely impossible in Canada and of which I am very jealous)!

Anniek Wheeler's Notable Projects

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