Bianca Pepler

Interior Designer

Professional Registrations


  • Pacific Design Academy - Interior Design Diploma


What other specific interests within the field of architecture do you have?

Finding ways to design and build a heathier city through promoting community building and practicing sustainable design solutions is something that I find very

intriguing. Learning how to harmonize the interaction between the built environment and the living environment to create longevity in urban spaces. I also believe that

understanding colour theory and it's relation to mental health is very important in interior design; and keeping that in mind when designing spaces to encourage mental


Are there specific books for schools of thought in architecture that inspire you?

'The Natural House' by Frank Lloyd Wright

'Garden Cities of To-Morrow' by Ebenzer Howard

Both ahead of their time, both brilliant.

Is there an architecturally significant city you would like to visit, and why?

I would love to visit Amsterdam again. The houses along the canal are so beautifully made. I would also like to spend time in Paarl, a town in the Cape Winelands, in

South Africa. The Cape Dutch architecture seen around the vineyards is one of my favourite architectural styles. Lisbon, Athens, and Florence are also top on my list.

Bianca Pepler's Notable Projects

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