Tall Trees New Mental Health Clinic Showcases Local Artist Luke Ramsey's Work

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June 28, 2022
Example of artwork created by Luke Ramsey.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to revisit a recently finished project at our client: Tall Tree Integrated Health's new Mental Health Clinic during Mental Health Awareness Month. A deeper discussion that explores this new addition to their collection of services will be shared soon—with updated photos that showcase our design work, as well as that of local BC artist Luke Ramsey.

The integration of our design intentions to create a calm, soothing space for clients is again complimented by the serenity that Luke's paintings evoke.

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The premise of this project was around extending the interior design feel from Tall Tree at Mattick's Integrated Health Clinic, creating a sense of warmth and comfort within the space. For this design, we opted to use softer, darker tones to help clients feel relaxed and comforted when visiting one of the six counselling rooms.

We used natural materials like wood, warm lighting, soft chairs and sofas to provide a lived-in feel to the atmosphere. Surrounded by mature trees and forest views, the unique work of local Victoria artist, Luke Ramsay was once again featured throughout the space.

Luke's work has been featured at other Tall Tree Integrated Health Clinic locations we have been involved in. Visit the link to see more of his uniquely west coast-inspired pieces and how they enhance the look and feel of surrounding spaces.

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